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Cameron Cute

Hello there!

I’m a primary student in the morning, an artist in the afternoon and a youtuber/gamer by night, and this is my website.

I live in Brunei and have a great Dad and Mom, and I like my dad’s Special Fried Rice and my Mom’s SuperĀ  Yummy Carbonara! (Brrrrrrr so called here.)

I love drawing and during most of the times when I’m at home I just draw, color, draw, color….etc. Whew! I always finished Dad’s bond paper…Oh no!

Well, night time comes… I can play hmmmmm 1 hour, I think coz my dad limits my gaming time! Please Dad!

My Thoughts and Works…What Do you Say?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

A birthday anime message for my daddy! Dear Daddy, Thank you for being a God-fearing, loving and caring Daddy. I love you so much and May God bless you with long life, good health, wisdom, financial and spiritual blessings!