My Life At Home During Covid-19 Pandemic

Home Study and Keeping myself busy and enjoy the moments.



Dad and Mom… look at my Machine Project!

Dad me!
Dad ….help me!
Photo Ops after finishing my longgggg assignment!
Photo Ops after finishing my long assignment!
At Starbucks with Mom and Dad... (Dad practiced his accent... hihihi)
At Starbucks with Mom and Dad… (Dad practiced his accent… hihihi)


Preparing to bake Crepes

Tasty Treat!
Tasty Treat!

Baking time…..

Helping Mom…..

Going outside with family
Going outside with family
Practicing Piano
Practicing Piano
Crepes Time
Crepes Time

Eating …. while studying…

My First Bicycle in Canada
Learning Bicycle
First Try
First Try

Happy Birthday Daddy!

A birthday anime message for my daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for being a God-fearing, loving and caring Daddy. I love you so much and May God bless you with long life, good health, wisdom, financial and spiritual blessings!

My New Wacom!!!

Dad bought me a new Wacom Tablet to start my first Computer Drawing. Sai Paint Tool is awesome! Watch my first Sai Paint Tool drawing.

Anime Peace

and this is my second drawing…. I really love this!

Anime Peace 2

And …… another one!


Thank You Dad for the Help!

I’m always excited if I have projects in the school, you know why? I can spend quality time again with my Daddy. We work together on this one. Project will be any recycled material. Well, I found this cd from my previous project, I just recycled it with my dad and found some sticks in the stock room which were left-over again from previous projects. Here it goes…..! What do you say? By the way, it’s a working and real clock.

Recycled Clock Project