Happy Birthday Daddy!

A birthday anime message for my daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for being a God-fearing, loving and caring Daddy. I love you so much and May God bless you with long life, good health, wisdom, financial and spiritual blessings!

My New Wacom!!!

Dad bought me a new Wacom Tablet to start my first Computer Drawing. Sai Paint Tool is awesome! Watch my first Sai Paint Tool drawing.

Anime Peace

and this is my second drawing…. I really love this!

Anime Peace 2

And …… another one!


Thank You Dad for the Help!

I’m always excited if I have projects in the school, you know why? I can spend quality time again with my Daddy. We work together on this one. Project will be any recycled material. Well, I found this cd from my previous project, I just recycled it with my dad and found some sticks in the stock room which were left-over again from previous projects. Here it goes…..! What do you say? By the way, it’s a working and real clock.

Recycled Clock Project